April is National Arab American Heritage Month. A Tribute to the contributions of Arab Americans to culture. Arab Americans in San Diego are in the front lines of health care workers and research scientist fighting COVID-19 pandemic.

Please meet and salute our heroes for this month.

Proud to be a Palestinian Arab American serving the San Diego community as a critical care nurse for the last thirty years.

Kareem Dally MSN, RN

Dr. Tala Al-Rousan

Dr. Tala Al-Rousan is an internal medicine doctor and epidemiologist originally from Jordan. She is currently an Assistant Professor at UC San Diego at the Division of Infectious Diseases and Global Public Health. She is a co-investigator on a clinical trial looking at potential treatment for COVID-19. Her main areas of research are refugee health in Jordan and the US. She is leading multiple National Institute of Health and philanthropy-funded projects looking at ways to mitigate risk disparities in marginalized communities especially Arab refugees.

Dr. Mohammad Al-Janabi and Dr. Firas Al-Haddad

Dr. Mohammad Al-Janabi and Dr. Firas Al-Haddad. The core of Pulmonary and Critical Care team of physicians treating highly critical COVID -19 patients at Sharp Grossmont Hospital. Taking a fresh air break after a busy day with suffocating PPE.

I am proud to be serving the patients that are in the hospital. I Know this is a scary time for them, being their family and support at this time is most important to me

Sara Shayya, R.N.
Iraqi Arab American nurse.

Sara Shayya, R.N
I work in the MICU. Here working and supporting my staff members. Delivering care to those who are unable to be with their families in this difficult time. Ensuring we get through this process together.

Bassim Seman Jr RN,BSN
Iraqi Arab American.

Unlike patient care in the controlled environment of a healthcare facility, care and transports by EMS present unique challenges because of the nature of the setting, enclosed space during transport, frequent need for rapid medical decision-making, interventions with limited information, and a varying range of patient acuity and jurisdictional healthcare resources.

Ojeni Touma
Arab American EMT

Arab American Heritage Month