This organization is an affiliated chapter of the National Arab American Medical Association aka NAAMA, and its name is National Arab American Medical Association, San Diego chapter, a non-profit corporation. San Diego chapter was established in 2010. The chapter’s articles of incorporation are filed in the state of California as non-profit organization. This chapter encompass an area of 200 miles from the center of the city of San Diego.

The National American Medical Association is exempt from federal income tax under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Service, and its articles of incorporation are filed in the state of Michigan, as a Michigan Corporation. San Diego chapter may apply for exemption from federal income as a subordinate of NAAMA by fulfilling the IRS requirements and NAAMA guidelines.

This chapter adheres to the same objectives of National Association to promote the professional development and cultural identity of its members through engagement in educational, philanthropic, and service activities to benefit communities originating from the Arab World residing in North America, the Arab World, and other regions of the world. Being an integral member of healthcare associations of mainstream America, our San Diego chapter members are committed to engage in activities that improve the healthcare and well-being of the Arab communities in San Diego county as well as countries in the Arab world from which they had originated.

San Diego chapter bylaws are structured to conform to the National Association bylaws, reviewed by the bylaws committee and approved by the Association Board of Directors. San Diego chapter conducts yearly elections for Board of Directors and Executive Officers according to the chapter bylaws as well as yearly general membership meetings. A delegate from the San Diego chapter represent it in the board of directors of the National Association.

We are proud to be part of great National organization as well as proud to be Arab San Diegans!!!