Chapter Goals

  • To enhance the medical knowledge of NAAMA members, to contribute to the medical profession, and to support continuing medical education and research.
  • To promote positive professional representation of our members among the different healthcare institutions and organizations of San Diego county.
  • To create friendly relationships among healthcare professionals and their families who share a common background and who wish to perpetuate pride of heritage.
  • To recognize Arab artistic efforts and endeavors as part of our goal for cultural enhancement.
  • To engage, assist and interact with different Arab American communities and organizations in San Diego and to support professional and educational activities aimed at health education and disease prevention.
  • To assist where possible and to serve as an educational resource for medical students and healthcare-related post-graduate trainees of Arabic descent locally and abroad.
  • To create activities and programs for NAAMA’s youth which highlight their shared Arabic heritage, and to foster community spirit.
  • To encourage and promote role models among the health care profession who can help inspire and guide the direction of NAAMA’s youth.