Al-Zahrawi Scholarship

Al-Zahrawi Endowed Scholarship

Al-Zahrawi Endowed Scholarship at NAAMA San Diego Chapter.

The Al-Zahrawi Endowed Scholarship is available to medical students affiliated with NAAMA San Diego Chapter. An essay describing your interest in the history of Arabic medicine and culture is required. Selection is based on scholastic achievement, volunteer activities and qualities of leadership. Preference is given to students of Arabic descent.

Inspiring Leaders: Al-Zahrawi Endowed Scholarship designed to encourage and inspire students to honor his legacy as a father of modern surgery, to one day advance medicine and other biomedical science as Al-Zahrawi did during his time.

Honoring a Legacy: Funds raised through the Al-Zahrawi Endowed Scholarship will provide a powerful recruiting tool, attracting the best and brightest aspiring physicians. Your contribution allows these talented medical students to focus on their careers as patient- centered physicians and inspires them to uphold Al-Zahrawi’s legacy as well as the legacy of all the great Arab physicians throughout history.

Creating more Pivotal Moments: The Al-Zahrawi Endowed Scholarship creates additional opportunities for our inspiring medical students and allows NAAMA San Diego Chapter to provide academic and professional enrichment experiences that will help define our students’ professional values as they grow in their clinical skills. Your support inspires our students to remain passionate about health care so that they may become the next great leaders in medicine.

Interested students, please contact us for more information.